Registration Information


Tournament registration for Black Friday Bowl 2018 will open in September, 2018!

INDIVIDUAL PLAYER REGISTRATION: Individual player registration is $30. Individual players will be placed on teams prior to the tournament, if you're signing up with a friend or family member, but don't have enough players for a team please note who you would like to be kept with in the Special Request section of the registration form.

TEAM REGISTRATION: Team registration is $200 per team (For teams, individual player information not required at time of registration).

Teams will not be considered fully registered and eligible to play until team registration payment has been made and all documentation required by the Tournament Director has been completed (team roster and waiver forms).

SUBMITTING ROSTERS & WAIVER FORMS: We do accept rosters and waivers on the day of the tournament, but strongly encourage you to submit them earlier if possible. Email rosters & waiver forms to 

Black Friday Bowl Team Roster Form

Black Friday Bowl Player Waiver

REFUNDS: Entry fees for the Black Friday Bowl are refundable prior to the tournament entry deadline.  After the entry deadline, registration fees are completely non-refundable, even in the case of event rescheduling (i.e. rain date) or cancellation.