1. Captains may agree to change any of the rules listed below or add their own. Both captains must agree to this, otherwise teams will adhere to the following rules and gameplay. Captains should decide who is receiving and pulling with a disc toss. Winner of the disc toss will decide whether they will pull or receive. Loser will decide which side to start from.
2. There will be 7 players of the field with a ratio of 5 men 2 women. The team receiving (on offense) determines the ratio set for the point. If the defending team cannot match the ratio with men or women, they must play a man down. For example, if Team A has 6 men and 1 women, and Team B is on offense with 5 men and 2 women on the field. Team A must sit a man out for the point.  This may be adjusted if both captains agree to play with 7 players even though the ratio cannot be met. Please be reasonable in regards to discussing modifications to this ratio or # of players on the field in regards to weather, available rostered players, etc.
3. Games are first to 15 points, or up to the allotted time. The allotted time for each game is 1.5 hours, there is a soft cap at the 1 hr 15 min mark and a hard cap at 1.5 hours. If there is a tie after hard-cap, play one more point.
4. Half-time is at 8 points. Teams should take no more than a 5 minute break, and switch sides. The team who received at the start should pull.
5. There will be 1 time-out per half and 1 floater time-out, making 3 time-outs total per team. The standard length of a timeout is 70 seconds. Quick time-outs may be called by an experienced player to explain the rules to a beginner. These are treated much like a travel or a pick. All players must stop on the field.
6. Lines are out of bounds.
7. Dropping the pull counts as a turnover. Discs pulled out of bounds must be centered where they went out of bounds. Discs that roll out of bounds are played at where they went out of bounds. Discs that are pulled further than the end-zones are played 15 yards in front of the end zone in the center.
8. All violations and fouls follow the standard 11th edition rules found here on the USAU website
9. Players have 10 seconds to throw the disc. Markers must stall by verbally saying, "stall 1, stall 2, stall 3...". Stall 10 is a turnover.
10. If a disc is ever thrown out of bounds or out of play, the disc MUST be tapped either on the ground or by another player to resume play. If there is a turnover without the disc leaving the field, no tapping is required.

UNCHANGEABLE RULE: Absolutely no metal cleats allowed!

Roster/Team Formation Rules
-Teams must field a minimum of six players at all times. A maximum of two "pick-up" players (that have already been registered as a player with another league team) will be permitted only when a team does not have enough of its own players present to field a team. Teams that are not able to field enough players may play a "legal" game with the consent of the opposing captain.
-Team rosters must have at least seven players, with a maximum of 15 players.
-Teams must submit a roster listing all players that are participating by the first game of the season.
-Players may only be added to the team roster after the 1st game of the season if there is a roster spot available (maximum # of players has not been reached).
-Additions/changes to the roster may only be made through the fourth week of the season.
-Teams must submit roster additions to the league commissioner and obtain approval of the addition prior to the new player playing in any games. In order to participate in an end-of-season tournament, players must be on the team roster and must have participated in a mimimum of 2 regular season games.
-Players wishing to join a team that was created by grouping individual players must register as an individual player through the league commissioner. Participation on a particular team is not guaranteed, the player may be added to the team with the greatest need for additional players.