Facility Rules & Regulations

Help us keep your day safe and the fields green.

The field rules and regulations will be strictly enforced in order to maintain public safety, maintain rates, and ensure the long life and playability of the fields.

Please help us enforce these safety rules by informing others who may be unaware of them.  These rules are in place for the safety and comfort of all our participants and spectators and mandated by our insurance advisors.  Thank you for your compliance.

General Policy

  • Minors may not enter fields without adult supervision.
  • The Applicant must provide adequate supervision of all players on the fields.
  • The fields rented must be left in the same or better condition than before they were rented.
  • NO LITTERING - each group is responsible for policing sidelines for trash and depositing in receptacles.
  • No dogs or pets in the Athletic Field Complex; leashed dogs ARE allowed on other parts of the park.
  • MORVEN PARK reserves the right to refuse entrance or eject from MORVEN PARK premises any person whose conduct is objectionable, disorderly, or disruptive to MORVEN PARK or is in violation of any law.
  • USER must provide an authorized representative as the single point of contact for the event/activity.
  • USER assumes, to the complete exoneration of MORVEN PARK, full responsibility for the acts, conduct of, and any damage caused by USER, its agents, employees, competitors, participants, licensees, invitees, and/or attendees. 
  • No open fires, grilling or other cooking allowed in the Complex except by authorized concessionaires.
  • No amplifiers or devices that produce loud noises shall be permitted without MORVEN PARK authorization.
  • No noisemakers included vuvuzelas, horns, etc., permitted.
  • Individuals entering and using MORVEN PARK facilities do so at their own risk.
  • User groups are asked to bring their own first aid kits and ice packs.
  • MORVEN PARK prohibits the use of any unmanned aircraft/drones on its property by any operator other than those authorized by MORVEN PARK.
  • The Applicant shall comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations in connection with its use of the Athletic Field Complex.

Field Access/Rentals

  • No unauthorized field usage – MORVEN PARK playing fields are for use by rental contract only.
  • Your use of the facility is limited to fields and facilities defined in your rental contract.
  • Groups must not enter fields until their designated rental time and must be clear of field by the designated rental time conclusion. (Please include set-up, warm-up, and clean-up time in your rental.)
  • All fields can be reserved on an hourly basis. All rentals begin on the hour, in one-hour-long increments.
  • Fields can be divided for youth/small sided fields with prior approval from MORVEN PARK Field Sports staff.
  • Subletting of rental space (either partial or entire field) is prohibited.
  • Only players and coaches are permitted on fields. Spectators must remain outside field perimeters.
  • Host must provide a Field Marshal for fields rented.

Cancellations/Field Closings

  • MORVEN PARK has the right to cancel any event or match, in whole or part, if in its determination dangerous field or weather conditions exist or if conditions are detrimental to the viability and maintenance of the turf. MORVEN PARK also reserves the right to postpone the start time for any event due to frost or dangerous conditions.
  • The decision to close a field is based upon field conditions, weather forecasts, and safety concerns. When fields are frosted, no one is permitted on the fields until MORVEN PARK reopens the grass.
  • No entry onto playing fields by persons not authorized. This includes cutting across and warming up on closed fields. In order to maintain the highest standard for play, fields must be given time to recover. This policy will be strictly enforced, and your cooperation is appreciated.
  • Coaches and Referees should take precautions for the safety of their teams during lightning storms.

Field Equipment & Goals

  • DO NOT MOVE, ALTER OR REMOVE FIELD EQUIPMENT (GOALS, CORNER FLAGS, BENCHES, ETC.) unless authorized by MORVEN PARK. If there is an equipment problem, please alert staff immediately.
  • Only that equipment which has been formally provided by MORVEN PARK staff for each event is to be used.
  • NO WARMING UP IN GOAL MOUTHS. This is in order to best maintain the integrity of the field surface.
  • DO NOT MAKE ANY ALTERATIONS TO THE FIELDS. No field marking of any kind to the fields is permitted without specific written permission from the MORVEN PARK staff. Use of cones is encouraged.
  • Goals and idle equipment outside of field perimeters are off limits and must be left alone.
  • Parents must supervise children at all times to ensure they do no play with, on or around idle equipment.
  • Any structures, such as tents, must be approved prior to the event.
  • Report any unsafe conditions to the Field Marshal, onsite security, or MORVEN PARK staff
  • Appropriate sized goals are provided. Use of outside goals without MORVEN PARK approval is prohibited.
  • No person or group shall store, leave or otherwise allow remaining at the facility any materials, supplies, equipment or other physical accessories without permission of MORVEN PARK.

Parking Policy

  • All visitors must park only in designated parking lots in order to provide emergency vehicle access.
  • No motor vehicles are allowed on the fields at any time without permission of Morven Park.
  • No parking is permitted in fire lanes, service roads, or any other unauthorized location.  Unauthorized vehicles will be removed at the owner’s expense.
  • For events serving over 400 participants, USER must utilize parking services coordinated by a MORVEN PARK approved group during the event.

Vendor Policy

  • Prior approval is required for sale of merchandise or services or operation of any concessions.
  • No unauthorized banners, dasher boards or promotional materials may be displayed in the Field Sports Complex except for team banners during their matches.
  • Vendors shall complete the MORVEN PARK Vendor Agreement and make payment per said Agreement.
  • Vendors shall obtain all applicable permits required by Loudoun County and the Commonwealth of Virginia to operate.
  • Food vendors must follow Loudoun County Health Department Regulations.

Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug and Firearm Policy

  • No smoking or tobacco products shall be permitted within the Athletic Field Complex.
  • Bringing alcohol onto MORVEN PARK property is strictly prohibited unless the individual/organization has signed a Facility Use Agreement permitting such activity. Loudoun County laws and permitting requirements shall apply.
  • Those persons serving alcohol must be licensed to do so by the state of Virginia.  All Virginia ABC laws must be obeyed.
  • Serving or selling alcohol must cease one hour prior to the event ending time.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted at youth oriented events.
  • Possession and/or consumption of any illegal drugs or unlawful use of substances is strictly prohibited.
  • Possession of firearms is strictly prohibited.
  • No unauthorized fireworks or other explosive devices. 
  • Violators will be asked to leave the property and will forfeit their right to future access.

Privileges may be revoked for any violation of these rules.  Any group not abiding by the Facility Use Rules and Regulations will forfeit their entire rental deposit. MORVEN PARK reserves the right to change any and all rules, regulations and policies whenever due cause warrants a change. If a change is made, all leagues/organizations affected by the change will be notified.